Atlantis pipeless filters are designed to revolutionize how you maintain your pool, providing superior performance and convenience. With Atlantis as the trusted brand, you can expect only the best for your swimming pool.

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Upgrade your swimming pool filtration system with Atlantis filters that provide innovative solutions and combine efficiency, durability and convenience. Take the first step towards hassle-free pool maintenance by contacting us today. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide all the information you need about the Atlantis filter system. Let us guide you in selecting the perfect filter that fulfils your pool’s unique environment.

  • No Piping and plumbing required.
  • Easy operation & Low Maintenance.
  • No filtration room required.
  • Wall hanging design and easy installation.
  • Consists of Skimmer, Filter, Motor Pump, Nozzle, Light and Ladder.
  • Heavy Duty, Long Life and Noiseless.
  • Saves Electricity
  • Saves Water with No Backwash.

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